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Quartier, Bart: IMAGINE
french edition / édition Française

L'objectif d’Imagine est d’aborder le jeu du marimba avec une approche mentale.
Au total, plus de 200 sujets autour du jeu du marimba et plus de 300 exemples
d’improvisation sont présentées.
Imagine est en quelque sorte un guide pratique qui pourra vous accompagner tout au
long de votre parcours musical. Il peut être utilisé par le professeur pour guider ses
élèves, ou par l'étudiant lui-même.

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IMAGINE FR Score example

is strongly related to the bestseller “Image” – 20 Children’s Songs for marimba (Meredith Publ., USA), which is known worldwide. Both books can be used by preference simultaneous.
148 pages / wire-o bound.

Some critics :
“So many of the thruths in music making are found behind the notes. As a performer Bart Quartier understands that and in this wonderful book he helps marimba players of all ages in their musical quest.”
Robert Van Sice

“The information, ideas and, and presentation is great. It is fantastic, and I really like it a lot. Congratulations.”
Gordon Stout

“It is a truly outstanding work that obviously took much time and hard work. In my opinion, the book is a real treasure!”
Garwood Whaley

“There is no doubt that the most important thing we can teach our students is how they can teach themselves. The way you suggest exercises to master the various challenges in the music is very good.”
Rob Waring

"This is a unique method book. The material is presented in a playful manner, combined with thoughtful, excellent advice on many important aspects of good musicianship."
Nancy Zeltsman

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